Profound Logic/Profound UI

As I stated on the previous page, this is by far the best example of having friends in the right places. A good friend from high school introduced me to this company and I was able to help them with several Flash Animation videos for the introduction of a new product launch, Profound UI, the logo for the product, and several other print and digital marketing materials.

It not only was a great experience, but a fantastic networking opportunity as well. Below are examples of some of the work I did for them both in digital and print form.

Profound UI logo

This logo was made for a new web-based application that was rolling out the Summer of 2010. Within the application, there were four main tenets of the architecture, therefore four different smaller logos as well.

Magazine Advertisement

This third page magazine ad ran for Profound Logic during the Dec/Jan season of 2009/2010 as a New Year's Resolution themed promo.

Animated Gif Banner Ad

Gif images were all the rage back in the late nineties and early teens for Internet advertising. Profound Logic thought so too and had a host of different ones for internal tech sites. I was given the opportunity to create several for the company like the one above.

Full Page Magazine Ad

As well as Flash Animation Videos, I created a few magazine ads and other print materials for .

White Paper

White Papers in the technology industry are informational papers written by both the company that make a certain product in conjuction with a particular user. They often tell of ways that the particular product in question has bettered the company that has adopted the product.

White Paper–Page 2

This two page white paper was written by Profound Logic Software as an itroduction guise to the Profound UI software to go with the Introduction videos..

Profound UI Intro Video

Of the several Flash Animation videos I created for the launch of Profound UI, this one was the first one the potential customer saw that gave an initial introduction to the product. It was a great representation as to what the customer could expect and learn from the other seven videos in the series i created for the company.

IBM iweb enablement

The IBM iWeb Enablement flash video was an interesting video to design. Not only was this a great introduction to this industry, but as well, it was a great introduction to the graphics and resources I was to use during the duration of my assignment with this company.

To play the video, right click and select play.

modernizing rpg.

Another one of the seven videos I created for the Profound UI program. This just illustrates the complexity and ingenuity of what was needed for this project.

To play this video, right click and select play.

Rich User Interface Applications

To play the above video, right click and select play from the menu.

RPG Development

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PHP development

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