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The Dayton Family Network

The Family Network of Dayton is a Mom's Peer to Peer networking site in the Dayton, Ohio area. It was first presented to me from a friend from college. On a volunteer basis; I reworked their existing site, created a new logo, and organized their site for a better flow. They wanted to be able to usher in a much wider audience both from facebook and walk-in prospective members, all with keeping it whimsical and child-like in design.

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Profound Logic/Profound UI

Friends come in very handy. Again, a friend introduced to Profound UI and the needs they had with Flash Animation. In all, seven videos were produced for their new Profound UI design platform. Profound Logic takes the green-screens of yesterday and modernizes those into Internet ready applications. Helping develop the Profound UI videos was a fun project to get me back into the multimedia genre once more. I also was able to help them with a new Profound UI logo and several magazine ads, trade show graphics and other miscellaneous graphic needs.

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Evangelical United Methodist Church

The Evangelical United Methodist's (EUMC) Church website was a long and well thought out project that involved many church members input and my technical skills to come up with a design that would work for the entire church community. This site was done several years ago and is a great example of a static HTML website that takes a lot of information and organizes it across many different pages at different levels. This was a solo volunteer project that developed and evolved over several years as information evolved over the course of the project.

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Montgomery County Fair, Dayton OH Logo and Color Scheme

Montgomery County Fair is one of the oldest fairs in Ohio. In 2008, they came to Times Community Newspapers in Kettering, Ohio where I was working to have us design and print a yearly Fair Book for them. I had the privilege of being able to design this logo and both the back and front covers of the 2008 and 2009 fair books. They were extremely pleased with the logo they asked if they could use if for their newly redesigned website. It has been a part of their website and many of their printed materials since that time.

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Liming Family Address Book and Genealogy Site

Several years ago, I designed and produced a family address book for my mothers side of the family as she has an extremely large extended family. Since then, we have grown considerably and so has technology. I, in turn, have started to create a website to manage this address book to make it both user friendly and more accessible for everyone.

This site, however, is a protected family site so it is not available for preview. Thank you for understanding.

Social Media Designs

With the advent of the internet, communities coming together digitally has been growing expenantially and has ever changed our lives. So naturally, design and technology has had to keep up with the growing need as people want to express themselves in new and creative ways.

Designing for social media is one of the few ways that designers like myself can get our work in front of a vast audience in a short amount of time. Click below to see an array of designs for a multitude of platforms.

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