Art itself presented itself to me as a young child. My favorite elementary teacher introduced my to “art-outside-the-box” and since then I have been experimenting with my own self expression of artistic ability in many different forms.

But my favorite by far, Graphic and Web Design, presented itself as a 4-H project during my final year in 4-H as I took my family’s Geneaolgy and made it into a scrapbook using the information I had gathered. At the evauation of the project, the judge was so impressed at the artful display of the information, she said it was the best artistic project she had ever seen.

With that occasion, along side other instances; with others saying I had a natural artistic ability, I began wondering if I could make a living with digital art. With a little research at my local library, I came across multiple career paths that could make this plausable: A degree in Graphic Arts and Design!

This discovery at the library now led me to finding the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology (now Kaplan College). After two years of intense training, I received an Associates Degree of Applied Arts in Graphic Design

I've been in the field a little over fifteen years now and I have been so blessed as to the people my work has lead me to get to know and to the places it has led me to see. Graphic/Web Design has not only been my passion but eventually led me to the greatest city in the world and helped my dream become a reality by being able to live in the Big Apple! I truly feel that design isn't just a vocation but an enjoyable hobby with which I am compensated!

For a copy of my resume, please click here.

Another great shot from my Ohio trip captured by none other than Christina Terrano of Terrano Photography.

If you like what you see in any of my pictures on the site that are marked by her work (many portraits of me are hers both past and present) feel free to contact her at the link above for sessions in the Kentucky/ Cincinnati/ Southern Ohio regions. She is an exceptionally gifted photographer who with is easy to work. Tell her Christopher D. sent you!